Women’s Workout Routines for Weight Loss

Women’s workout routines for weight loss - Gym workout routines for women are a lot. But if you are looking for ones which are specifically for weight loss, here are some of them.


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Plank is the kind of exercise which does not need any movement. You just need to hold you whole body with either your hands or elbows, and your feet are in straight pose. This kind of position will make your muscles become stronger and your spine is in the rightest position. Plank gives benefits to all of your body. It is able to exercise the muscles of your stomach, butt, hands, and feet. Plank for about 15 seconds to 30 seconds for beginning. If you get used to it, you can add the range of time.

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Push Up
A lot of people already knew this exercise, but not many of them know how to do it right. Your hands and feet need to be in straight position. When you lift your body up, you need to do it slowly. Push up is really great to exercise the muscles of your hands, body, and butt. Do push up regularly for about 2x8 set.

If you want your thighs become thinner and your butt becomes sexier, squat is able to help you. The most important thing when you do squat is balance. Put both of your hands forward, and move as if you want to sit. As lower as you get, you need to position your body tilted forward. So that you make an angle from your body with your upper thighs. Do it regularly every day 4x8 set.

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Sit Up
One of the best gym workout for women to make your stomach thinner or get abs is by doing sit up. Lay in your exercise mattress and put your hands behind your head or in front of your chest. And move forward, but make sure your feet does not lift. Do it regularly for 4x8 set to make your stomach sexier.

Jumping Jacks
Jumping jacks is really great for you who want to lose some weights. It is because when you do this movement, all of your body move and exercise, so that the fat burning is maximized. Moreover, the stamina of your body will increase if you do jumping jacks regularly. Do it for about 4x8 set every day for the beginning. If your body get used to it, you can do more.

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Side Lift
Do you want to lose the fats in the side of your stomach? Side lift is able to make them disappear. The movement is quite similar with push up movement, but you do it sideway. You do it with one of your hands and one of your feet. That is what makes it different with push up. If you are done with the right side, change and do side lift with your left side. Do it regularly and the fats in the side of your stomach will disappear.

Walking or Jogging
Jogging is one of cardio exercise which really useful to lose some of your weights. You can do fast walking or jogging in a treadmill if you love to go to the gym. But if you are busy enough to go to the gym, you just can walk or jog around your neighborhood with your daughters or your girl friends. Do it for about 30 minutes to 1 hour every morning. The fresh air in the morning will also make you ready to do your daily activity, besides you lose some weights. That is why walking or jogging is one of the best of gym workout routines for women.