Types of Cardio Equipment at Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is marketed as a gym where everyone, from all fitness levels, can train without feeling intimidated by the typical competitive atmosphere of regular gyms. There is a wide array of cardio equipment at Planet Fitness, available for various training goals. Here are several cardio equipment types you may find at every branch.

Cardio Equipment at Planet Fitness
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The treadmill is the most popular cardio equipment, and there are rows of this machine at many Planet Fitness branches. With several simple variations, you can get several health benefits from treadmill machine.

Great for: increasing cardiovascular health and joint flexibility, sculpting calves and thighs (especially in incline running), burning calories, and improving stamina.

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Stationary/Upright Bike
The stationary bike is another popular cardio equipment at Planet Fitness, especially for people with joint problems. Doing properly, stationary bike exercises are great for people with joint problems, such as the overweight or those recuperating from a knee injury.

Great for: increasing stamina and cardiovascular health, strengthening the legs, sculpting the thighs and calves.

Jacob’s Ladder
Jacob’s Ladder is a unique machine, because it actually imitates the movements of climbing a ladder. This machine gives a full-body workout, and challenges almost every major part of your body. It can also increase heart rates quickly, perfect for aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Using this machine for the first time may feel awkward, but Planet Fitness has coaches that are ready to guide people in doing it properly.

Great for: increasing stamina, strengthening arms and legs, burning calories, strengthening core muscles.

Step Mill
Step mill is a machine that mimics movements of climbing the stairs, but it challenges both cardio and muscular strength. When done properly, step mill can give multiple benefits at various major parts of the body, along with the cardiovascular health. This machine is also easy to use, which is great even for beginners. Avoid leaning on the railing, since it can reduce the effects.

Great for: burning calories, increasing heart rates, strengthening lower body parts and core muscles, sculpting legs.

Arc Trainer
Arc Trainer is modern fitness equipment that offers exercises for various muscle groups, while putting less pressure on the joints. This machine looks like a combination of elliptical and stair mill, but with various modes of steps and resistance. Arc Trainer currently has two variants: one focuses on lower body parts, and other give full-body training.

Great for: toning major muscle groups, strengthening the body, increasing stamina and cardiovascular health, burn calories.

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Recumbent Bike
The recumbent bike is not a favorite among serious gym visitors, since it is not too challenging and does not target many major muscles. However, this bike is common cardio equipment at Planet Fitness. Many visitors at this gym chain are people with limitations, such as those with a serious weight problem, joint and spine problems, or other medical conditions. Recumbent bike helps those with a very limited range of movements.

Great for: burning calories, strengthening legs and core muscles, adding exercise variations for people with certain medical conditions.

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Cardio equipment at Planet Fitness is chosen to accommodate people with various conditions. However, using the machines properly is the most important thing, especially if the goal is to lose weight, improve health, and tone the muscles.