Top 5 Gyms in Las Vegas

There are several gyms in Las Vegas and it is a great reason to stay in Las Vegas. You must know the list of recommended gyms there before visiting the place and starting your workout. By visiting one of those gyms in Las Vegas, you will get best services for maximal result.

Gyms in Las Vegas
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Athletic Gaines

Do you want to be an athlete? If it is so, you have to workout regularly. To support your dream, you can just start your workout by visiting Athletic Gaines. People in Las Vegas love to use the service from this gym because it serves elite training programs such as workout for professional athletes, adult boot camps and training, youth sports performance training, and even online training.

The place is comfortable enough and you are about to enter 18.000 square feet gym center. The equipment and accessories are managed artistically along with important services you need most. Let say, while spending your time here, you can use their full physical therapy, nutrition station, yoga area, and lounge. Due to the services and facility offered, Athletic Gaines is known as the training place for NBA, NFL, and MLB athletes. Interestingly, this gym won Patience Choice Award for Las Vegas Physical Therapist in 2015 and listed as recommended gyms in Las Vegas. For more information, you can visit their official website,

Average Broz’s Gymnasium

Average Broz’s Gymnasium is also known as one of recommended gyms in Las Vegas because of specialization. This gym is the best place in Las Vegas for those who want to be a professional lifter. That’s why the place is ready with several high quality facilities especially for power or strength training and Olympic weightlifting. All types of people are welcome to visit this gym starts from professionals, elite lifters, and even beginners.

The unique part is that there is a rule in which visitors are not allowed to use music devices or earphones while doing their training. The goal is to build social interaction between each visitor. The location is close to McCarran Airport. You may visit or follow their official social media account to get complete and latest information.

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Camp Rhino

As one of favorite gyms in Las Vegas, Camp Rhino offers great fitness atmosphere for adult. This gym is supported with a strong fitness and nutrition community. Camp Rhino is trying to introduce that going to the gym is fun and exciting. Built in 13.000 square feet area, this gym has various high quality fitness tools such as cross fit, boot camps, and general fitness training. Interestingly, you can rent the gym for birthday party, corporate challenges, and team building activities. To get more information about this gym, you may visit  

City Athletic Club

For those who want to visit a luxury gym in Las Vegas, you may go to City Athletic Club. The luxury atmosphere can be seen from its décor, amenities, as well as the equipment. This gym is built in 48.000 square feet area. It also has several different areas such as cardio areas, fitness group studios, pole fitness studios,  weight section, and many others. Moreover, visitors and members are supported by 100 professional personal trainers, smoothie café, and massage therapy. Definitely, you know why City Athletic Club is included on recommended gyms in Las Vegas, right?

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Las Vegas Sports Performance

Las Vegas Sports Performance is a great gym to visit because it offers various services and facilities. This place is built for adult training, athletic training, and indoor cycling. The best part, you are supported by FMS or the Functional Movement Screen system. This system helps to rank and grade movement patterns and also record all your workouts. This gym is also partnered with popular brands including Men’s Health Thrive,  Adidas, and also Total Sport Medicine. That’s why Las Vegas Sports Performance is named as the 31st best gyms in America by the Active Times. Definitely, you are visiting one of the best gyms in Las Vegas.  (About Las Vegas Wikipedia)