The Best Workout Plans for Women

If you are a woman who wants to do workout, there are numerous workout plans for women you can try. Many women wish to have a great body or simply they want to get slimmer than before. As you all know, there are still many women who think they are overweight. They decide to do workout regularly to get weight loss afterwards. Although it can do so, shaping the body can also be done by regular workout. Here we give you several workout plans you can choose.

Workout Plans for Women
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General Things to Do for Every Workout

As mentioned in the beginning, there are numerous plans of workout. You can get different plans when you apply to different trainers if you decide to use a trainer. Normally, you will be admitted into a class consists of some people and there you will get the workout together. Additionally, there are still many options you can opt for. Whether you are a newbie or very used to do workout, you need to know general things to do for every workout. Workout plans for women will include this in its format. Let’s dig more.

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The very first thing to do is warm-up obviously. You cannot get started without having warm-up first. It is highly recommended. Warm-up can help you to prepare muscles getting ready for workout. It will activate the muscles. Other than that, you will be able to prepare the central nervous system and increase the blood flow to the muscles. Look at how important it is. Get a foam rolling is a good idea. You can get foam rollers anywhere. There are several things you can do for legs workouts such as roll the IT band, calves, piriformis, quads, and hamstring. Unlike the leg workouts, you can roll the chest, shoulder, biceps, and triceps for upper-body workouts.

Next, you can start to activate the movement for mobility and speed. It is simple. You can do it in 20 reps.  You can do it in separate set. Try to choose a rep scheme and set in which you will not get fatigue from that. The third thing to do is compound movement. It is also called as prime movement. It is done for muscle strength. 5 sets of 5 reps can be chosen in this step. Take a rest for about 1 to 2 minutes between each set.

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Fourth, you need to do assistance movement. This is different from compound movement. Compound movement should be heavier than this movement. Shaping musculature is the one you can get from these exercises. You can go with 8 to 12 reps in this movement. Just go easy in this step. Cardio and fat burning is what come in the end. You can go with several different forms of cardio.  Weight is the concerned one here when you do the cardio each day. Nowadays, there are cardio machines you can choose to help you getting weight loss.

Workout Plans Based on Body Type

Workout plans for women are also available based on the body type. There are some body types like curvy shape, athlete shape, straight shape, and pear shape. If you want to go specific, each body type has each workout plan. You can ask to an expert about this which one is suitable for you. If you just want to do workout on your own, you can check on your body type by looking at the reflection in the mirror. In addition about the workout plans for each body type, there are also eating plans based on the body type which are different and surely made to fit in what the body needs.