Choosing Gym Workout Plan for Men

Gym workout plan for men must be very specific because men has very different physical condition with women. The purpose of the workout between men and women can be different as well. There is no question that men want to build more muscles so they can have the manly look. In this circumstance, taking any kind of workout plan at the gym will not give them optimal result. Men should choose the workout plan which can help them get the best result. Here are some great workout options which men should choose for building the muscle better.



Many people think that visiting the gym is a must if they want to do the physical exercise they need to get the expected body. Many men make the gym as their second home after all. However, it does not mean that they always have to use the gym equipment for their physical exercise. There is no equipment needed for doing squats and in fact, it can be a versatile option for their fitness exercise. People just need to make sure that they keep the proper form when doing squats. They also need to reach proper repetition to get the best result.

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Besides squats, people can also find the fitness exercise which does not need any equipment but it can give efficient result for men losing weight and building muscles. Lunges become the next option of physical exercise which can be included in the workout routine. This exercise will be a great way for toning the legs and core muscles. When doing this exercise, people have to make sure that they keep the upper body at straight position. They have to move the shoulder to the back and keep it relaxed while the chin must be at up position. It is the important step before they can change their position and do the repetition to get the expected result.


When people are talking about gym workout plan for men, there is no doubt that cardio workout must not be forgotten. To lose weight and build muscle, men need to do cardio exercise for about 20-40 minutes. The cardio exercise can be done on the elliptical or treadmill. Although exercise with both methods can be familiar for many people, they will not find great impact to their metabolic rate. People should try anaerobic exercise as addition for their cardio exercise. They can try jumping or sprinting after accomplishing their aerobic activity. This way, their exercise will be brought to the level which is more intense. It means that the metabolism process will be boosted as well during the process.

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Men can also find great physical exercise by doing yoga. Yoga will help them to take deeper breath. Deep breath is necessary because there are various problems which can be found because people do not take enough deep breathing. Yoga will be the perfect exercise for helping people improves not only their breathing but also their flexibility. The combination of intense workout during yoga and slow down breathing will give the effect of cardio routine. The muscles which are not used often or tight can be stretched with yoga exercise.

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Some people love plank exercise but some other people hate this exercise the most. People can have their very own opinions about this exercise but in fact, this exercise will help them get stronger core. It is also great for back pain as well as stability of the spine. Making perfect pose is a must although it might be hard. As starter, people should try as long as they can for doing this exercise. They can enhance it day by day and they will find it as great part of gym workout plan for men.

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