Cardio Machine Workouts for Beginners

Cardio machines can be intimidating for beginners who are still figuring out the proper postures and usage. If you have a certain fitness goal, but are unsure about what to do, try doing cardio machine workouts for beginners. You can pick machines that are relatively easy for beginners, such as a treadmill, stationary bike, and spin bike.

Cardio Machine Workouts for Beginners
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Here are examples of beginner cardio workouts you can try on these common machines

Treadmill Workouts
With a treadmill, you can choose between speed and incline training. Start slowly with five-minute walking for warming up. Keep the treadmill speed, and then start jogging slowly for 15 minutes. Cool down by returning to walk for five minutes.

Once you are used with this workout, challenge yourself with incline training. Start by walking slowly for three minutes, and then add the incline level for one percent. Walk faster or jog if you feel ready. Add the incline level for one percent every three minutes. After reaching four percent, return the incline to zero and walk slowly for another three minutes to cool down.

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Cycling Workouts
Cycling is one of the cardio machine workouts for beginners with easy adjustment level. Start by pedaling lightly for five to ten minutes, just to warm you up and build endurance. Increase your speed to about 15 mph (about 14 km/h). Keep this pace for another 15 minutes. Slow down and return to the relaxing pace like at the beginning for five minutes, before stopping.

Next, try doing the exercise with more resistance. Start by pedaling leisurely for five minutes like before. Next, increase the resistance anywhere between 1 and 4, and continue for another three minutes. You must be able to talk and not feeling out of breath. Finally, increase the resistance anywhere between 5 and 6, and pedal for full two minutes. Afterward, decrease the resistance level and pedal slowly for five minutes before stopping.

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Spinning Bike Exercises
The spinning bike provides a more intense level of training compared to the stationary bike. Depending on fitness level, you should start cardio machine workouts for beginners by alternating between low and high resistances. For example, you can pedal leisurely with the mildest resistance for five minutes, and then continue with 15 to 20 minutes pedaling with slightly higher resistance.

You can also pedal in standing position, to mimic the climbing movements. Start by slow pedaling for five minutes, and continue with higher resistance, like the previous training. However, after 15-20 minutes, lower the resistance and continue pedaling in a standing position (keep your back and abdominal muscles engaged, to prevent injury). Keep doing it for two minutes before returning to normal position.

Additional Tips
Treadmill, stationary bike, and spinning bike are ideal for beginners. They are easy to find in any gym and online stores. Beginners can also adjust their body positions and postures easily. However, proper warm-up and self-control are important for such exercises.

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A good warm-up session should target all major muscle parts, and they cannot be static (save your stretching after cooling down). Focus on muscle groups that you target with the machines, such as legs, core muscles, arms, and shoulders. Always stop whenever you feel pain or discomfort. In cardio machine workouts for beginners, fitness goal is important, but safety is everything.