Cardio Exercises without Equipment

Doing cardio exercises in a daily basis is great to improve stamina, burn calories, and keep your heart healthy. Busy people can do cardio exercises without equipment, using their own body weights and movements to challenge the physique. If you are always on the go, and never have time to visit the gym, try these exercises wherever you can to stay healthy.

Cardio Exercises without Equipment
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Stationary Run Exercises
Stationary run means mimicking the movements of running while staying at one spot. Stand straight, open your legs slightly, and start “running” by bringing your knees to your chest (as far as you can). Engage your core muscles to lift your legs. For variation, try the “butt kicking” moves. Instead of lifting knees toward the chest, lift your feet backward to touch your butt.

Don’t forget to move your arms properly, like when you are running. Keep the elbows close to the side of the body and lift hands alternatively in front of your chest.

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Jumping Exercises
There are several variations of cardio exercises without equipment that involve jumping. The first one is a simple jump. Stand with your back straight, and open your legs hip-wide. Bend the knees a little, engage abdominal muscles, and jump as high as possible while raising both arms above. Bend the knees slightly when land to protect the joints.

The second one is jumping jack. This exercise can improve your heart rates significantly. Stand straight with legs together and engaged the core. Jump while opening your legs and raising your arms above the head at the same time, and return to the previous position.

Squat-and-Punch Combo
This move is a combination between two cardio exercises without equipment: squats and uppercut punches. Stand straight with your legs hip-width apart, knees slightly bent, and abdominal muscles engaged. Put both your arms together in front of your body, like a boxer in a defensive move. Squat until your thighs are parallel with the floor, while keeping your back and core muscles engaged.

After repeating the squats eight to ten times, return to the original standing position. Start punching an invisible target in the front with your left and right knuckles repeatedly, as fast as possible. Tighten your core muscles, keep your back straight, and let your hips rotate slightly with each movement. Do it for 10 seconds before repeating the squats.

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“Skater” Side-steps
This is a variation of step exercises, and the movements are not too complicated. Stand with your legs hip-width apart, core muscles engaged, and knees slightly bent. Jump with your right foot to the side, with your left foot swipes behind it (land softly!). Do the same thing with your left foot. Repeat these movements, so you basically jump side-by-side, with your arms swinging in front of your body alternatively.

When jumping, make sure to keep your weight distribution equal. Avoid putting all your weight in the landing foot.

Final Tips
You can pick three types of training from this list, to make your daily exercises varied. Do each training in at least three sets, with eight to ten repetitions per set, before moving to the next. Don’t forget to warm up, and wear shoes if possible. These cardio exercises without equipment are perfect for those who want to train physically even with limited space and time.