Best Home Gym Equipment for Busy People

Best home gym equipment is pretty liked nowadays, especially for busy people who do not have time to go the gym. Here are some recommendations of them.


Best Home Gym Equipment
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One of the best home gym equipment is dumbbell or barbell. A lot of people who like to exercise mostly have this equipment in their houses since it is really easy to look for, and it is not really expensive. By using dumbbell, you are able to exercise your muscles with a lot of movement variations. You can exercise both your lower body and upper body. Moreover, you are able to choose how much weight you want in your dumbbell.

Weightlifting burns more fats compared to cardio. It is because after you do weightlifting, your body still actively burn calories and increase the metabolism of your body even until 48 hours later. You can do weightlifting by using dumbbell for 10 minutes to 15 minutes.

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Push Up Bar

As its name, push up bar is an exercise tool to help you do push up. If you push up by using this equipment, it will be faster for you to build chest muscle. It is because you push up in a higher line. Moreover, push up bar can also be used as planche push up tool. The range of the price of this equipment is affordable, and it is easy to find in gym equipment store.

Skipping Rope

Skipping rope can be called as one of the best home gym equipment. It is because this equipment is really easy to look for, you can even find it in a toy store. The price is also really affordable. Skipping rope is really good for cardio. So if you want to get some weight loss, this skipping rope can help. Moreover, by doing rope jumping regularly, you will able to increase the flexibility of your body. It is also good for your balance and help you coordinate better.

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Fitness Ball

Fitness ball or can be called as fit ball can be used to do various exercise movements. This exercise equipment is really suitable for you who want to exercise your stomach muscles. The experts mention that the benefits of using this fitness ball is the same with horse riding. All of the muscles of your body move systematically, so that the blood flow well in your body, as well as your metabolism.

Fitness ball is suggested by therapists, personal trainers, and doctors. Even though this equipment is made from latex rubber, it is able to withstand loads until 120 kg. For you who do not have time to go to the gym, this fitness ball can be your exercise tool when you have spare time in your home.

Chest Expander

This exercise tool is made from 5 peers. As its name, chest expander is used to exercise your chest muscles. But this exercise equipment is also able to be used to exercise your arm muscles, especially your biceps and your shoulder muscles. Chest expander is pretty effective and simple to be used.

Hand Grip

This exercise equipment is tiny, so that it does not take up a lot of spaces in your home. Hand grip is really useful to exercise your forearms muscles. It is really affordable and easy to be found in exercise store.

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Hula Hoop

Exercising by using hula hoop is one of effective ways for weight loss. The benefits of doing this simple exercise is the same with walking 7km/hours. Hula hoop can also build your hip. That is why hula hoop can be your one of the best home gym equipment.

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