Best Gym Workout for Beginners to Lose Weight

Gym workout for beginners to lose weight must be expected by many people who want to have slimmer body. Just simply visiting the gym and using the equipment available will not mean that people can lose their weight easily. In fact, many people who are still new with physical exercise might find that the gym equipment is pretty intimidating. Beginners should adjust their habit first before they can jump into the intense workout for losing weight. There is no need to worry after all because there are some physical exercises which can be followed by the beginners for building the good habit and losing weight with pretty satisfying result.


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Skipping becomes kind of physical exercise which is very popular among boxer. It becomes part of their workout routine and people can find that there is no boxer with chubby body. It means that people can find great support from skipping as part of their weight loss exercise. This will be a great option for beginners to start their workout routine. To get better result, they should alternate their legs while doing rope jumping. 30 minutes of skipping exercise can help them lose 300 kilocalories. They will be able to get closer to their goal of losing weight after they completed five sets of skipping with 120 skips for each set.

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Weightlifting can be a great choice for losing weight exercise but many people can feel intimidated with the huge and heavy barbell at the gym. Weightlifting does not mean that they always have to use the heavy metal actually. People can try bodyweight squat. There is no barbell needed for this exercise but people can find that this exercise is pretty hard for the beginners in sets with high repetition. This exercise will hit the biggest muscles in the body so the calorie burn will be bigger as well. It means that there will be more fats burned as well in short period of time.

Shadow Boxing

The next gym workout for beginners to lose weight which can be done is shadow boxing. They can do this exercise by using the dumbbells. Shadow boxing will burn calorie a lot and there will be more calorie which can be burned if they do this exercise using the dumbbells. Since the exercise is for beginners, people should use the very light weight dumbbells for performing the boxing movement such as punching. They should it the air as quick as possible within 50 seconds. After resting for ten seconds, they can make 5-7 repetitions. They can do this exercise in front of the mirror to enhance their motivation and see their muscles work.

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Press Up

Many people might be very familiar with press up exercise because it appears often in the classic physical exercise class. People should not underestimate this exercise because they will be able to reach their weight loss goal if they do this exercise properly. This exercise will help them burn the fat in the chest and core at the same time. To get better result, people need to perform this exercise with 15 repetitions in five sets. This can be a hard exercise for beginners. They can place their knees on the surface of the floors when performing press up exercise.

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Running with Intervals

Running sounds like very familiar physical activity for many people. However, if they want to get better weight loss result, they should try running with intervals. People can sprint at almost full speed for one minute and they should rest for another minute. This method should be repeated five times and they will find great option of gym workout for beginners to lose weight.

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