Best Cardio Equipment for Small Apartment

Proper fitness equipment will improve the result of your cardio exercises, but what if your apartment is tiny? Instead of bulky machines, you can choose cardio equipment for small apartment. They may be small, but the right equipment will boost your daily training without taking up much space.

Here are several great options to start your own gym session with equipment, even in a small living space.

Mini Versions of Cardio Equipment
You can now find various mini versions of gym equipment, including for cardio exercises. Mini exercise bike, strider, and elliptical machine, for example, are available with way more affordable prices than the full-sized versions. After training, you can easily drag them to the corners, or just put them on a special spot in the apartment without taking up much space.

Adjustable Dumbbell and Kettlebell
Dumbbell and kettlebell not only tone your arms, shoulders, back, and upper body, but also improve simple cardio exercises, such as squats and jump-squats. Choose products that have adjustable weights, so you don’t need to store several bulky dumbbells and kettlebells with different weights at home.

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Jump Rope
Jump rope is perfect cardio equipment for small apartment, which will burn hundreds of calories from just several minutes of training. It is also a great alternative of running outside, especially if your environment is not ideal for running, of if your schedule does not allow it. Once you finish, just put the rope in your wardrobe or drawer. Simple, practical, and space-efficient.

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Folding Treadmill
The folding treadmill provides great cardio exercise you can do anytime, even while watching your favorite shows. There are many treadmills that come in smaller, foldable shapes. They are designed to be stored in places such as closet, wardrobe, or under the bed (if you have enough space).

Mini Rowing Machine
The rowing machine is perhaps the most popular cardio equipment for small apartment. It provides full-body training (cardio and resistance), and it is straightforward enough to use even for beginners. Many rowing machines come in mini version or foldable designs. However, some products may make louder noises than the others. If your apartment neighbors have a problem with noises, make sure to read reviews about the rower before purchasing it.

Magnetic Upright Bike
If mini exercise bike does not give you the "punch" you need, try an upright bike with magnet mechanism. The magnets in the bike's structure make it easy for the owner to fold the bike, and quickly store it. Some products actually have transport wheels, so the owner can just drag/push the bike to store it, instead of picking it up.

Pull-up Bar
Nothing says, "Look at me, I am exercising!" better than installing a pull-up bar on your door frames. The bar is definitely space-saving equipment, perfect to train your strength, tone your arms and shoulders, and increase your stamina. Since this bar must hold your weight constantly, you should ask for professional installation service if you are not adept in it.

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Your apartment size should not interfere with your efforts to train your cardio. This list of cardio equipment for small apartment can give inspirations before you start shopping.