4 Simple Beginner Workout at Home

By doing simple workout at home, not only you can adjust your spare time for doing workout but also you can do many exercise movement alone in your house. In addition, you can also adjust the length of time for your exercise to your daily activities at home while at the same time, you can also save a lot of money since you do not need to spend money for doing this workout. Speaking of beginner workout at home, there are top 10 exercise movements that you can do as below

Beginner Workout at Home
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The first simple movement for beginner workout at home is by doing squat. You just need to stand tall with your feet inline with the width of your shoulders. Next, let your hips lower until it is like sitting on a chair while at the same time, let your chest remain foresight and firm. You can do and repeat this movement for 1 set with a loop for 10 up to 20 times.

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Push up
The next simple movement for beginner workout at home is by doing push up. You may see that push up is quite an easy movement to do. In fact, when you are not used to do this kind of movement, you will feel exhausted especially along your arm up until your should shoulder areas. To do this movement, you need a good strength of arm, leg and stomach. To start with, put your hand palms on the floor, after that, straight up to you shoulders. Next, repeatedly lower your chest by bending your hand to the side. For beginners, it will be much easier for you to do push-ups by put down your knees on the floor. Next, you can lift off your knee from the floor, next continue doing the push up as usual.

Plank crawl
Plank crawl movement is quite similar to baby’s crawling movement. The initial movement is when you are about to do push-up. Then, you put your left side of your elbow on the floor while the other elbow stays in an upright position. After that, you can alternately change the movement to the right elbow. It is easier for the newbie to do this movement ranging from 5 to 10 sets. If you have sufficiently trained, you can try this movement up to 20 sets.

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Single leg balance stick
The last simple movement for beginner workout at home is single leg balance stick. This movement can also mean to balance your body with only one leg. The initial movement is you need to stand tall with arms on each side. Then, bend your right knee to the front with your heels on tiptoe. After that, put your right leg backward and your both hands parallel to you shoulder. Hold this movement for 10 secs, before you do another movement with your left leg.

Side plank hip drops
This movement is different from plank crawl movement. It begins with a lying motion on the right side of the body and the right elbow is bent parallel to the bottom of the shoulder. In this position, only the hips go down on the floor. Next, lift the hips down and hold the weight with your arms. Hold on this position for around 3 up to 5 seconds. While doing this movement, lower the hip. You can repeat this movement several times.

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Now, doing exercise is no longer a big issue when you have limited time since you can do it at home. There are actually several other movements that you can do at home including bird dog, walking lunge, skaters, bridge and superman back extension. However, the 4 movements explained above are the most favorable yet simple for beginner workout at home.

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